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  • Cliff is a Schnauzer mix who was in a  local shelter that asked FV for assistance as they were overwhelmed with dogs. He had been turned in as a “stray” so there was no medical history on him. As it turn out, Cliff has a medical condition that is called megaesophagus . When he eats, the tube that goes to his stomach, his esophagus, doesn’t have the muscle capacity to propel the ingested food into his stomach. So he runs the risk of regurgitating this food and aspirating it into his lungs. This happened to him shortly after he came to FV as his condition was unknown to us. He developed a mild case of aspiration pneumonia and was hospitalized. His condition was then properly diagnosed and we are able to manage it quite easily. The key is to feed Cliff his food and then keep him elevated for 30 minutes after his meal. This allows gravity to pull the food down into his stomach properly and out of his esophagus. He gets wrapped up in a blanket and sits on someone’s lap with his head up. He is very good and enjoys relaxing. With some medication and caring attention Cliff is doing very well. Fortunately for him his megaesophagus is not as extreme as in some dogs.

    Cliff is so grateful that he is now receiving the proper care; he is happy beyond belief. He is wonderful with other dogs and cats. He loves to go for walks and although he can’t eat treats like normal dogs he doesn’t seem to care. He knows he’s special.  He also gets to share an office with the Executive Director.  No kennel for Cliff!

    Cliff is an awesome companion and he just needs someone special to come along and give him the loving home he deserves.

    *Cliff would do best with older children.

    328 Upper Gulph Road
    Radnor, PA 19087 

    (Source: francisvalehome.org)

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